Our Expertises

DataMantle covers all aspects of ServiceNow platform with specialty in construct a blueprint foundation of your goals by using best-practices and ITIL methodologies.


General administration, support and maintenance of ServiceNow, including:

  • Create and configure Business Rules, UI Policies, UI Actions, Client Scripts and ACLs (including advanced scripting).
  • Create and configure Notifications, UI pages, UI Macros, Script Includes, etc.
  • Configure and manage Discovery and Orchestration.

Build and deploy cloud‑native business applications on ServiceNow enterprise application platform. These applications can span from a single department to the entire corporation, and may include such applications as Order management, HR case management, Legal Request processing, Asset Management, Project Portfolio Management and other line of business operations.


Integrate with third party applications and data sources (for example, CMDB, SAP, Active Directory, Single Sign-on, CRM, JIRA, Avaya etc). A variety of techniques can be used, with most knowingly Web Services like SOAP or REST, JDBC, LDAP, Excel, CSV, Email, etc


Increase organization’s agility by automating the processes that involve systems and applications outside of the ServiceNow environment. These can be simple or complex tasks across remote applications, services and infrastructure for IT service management, IT operation management and business process automation scenarios.