It is the Mantle

The mantle is a layer between the crust and the core of the Earth, it is predominantly solid but acts like a liquid. It moves the tectonic plates over the Earth which shapes the surface of the Earth. Your organization is like the Earth, and your IT is the Mantle. The core of your orginazation are the people and processes, with tremendous energy. But the energy has to be managed well to fuel your organization. We believe ServiceNow, as one platform, is the right choice to help our clients to fuel their organization towards more success. Our engineers focus on following areas but not limited to:

IT Service Management

Typical ITSM areas including Incident, Change and Release, Problem, Service Catalog, Knowledge Management, CMDB and Asset, etc.

Custom Applications

Business applications development by leveraging ServiceNow Studio, Application scope, Source control integration, etc.

IT Operations Management

Discovery, Orchestration, Event Management, Cloud Management, Service Mapping, etc.

IT Business Management

Project Portfolio Management, Demand Management, Agile Development, Application Portfolio Management, etc.

Customer Service Management

Customer Service Management, Knowledge Management, ServicePortal, CMS, etc.

HR Service Delivery

Case Management, Knowledge Management, and Enterprise On-boarding, etc.

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About Us

DataMantle Technologies was established in 2018 with a core competency in cloud service based on ServiceNow platform.

At DataMantle, our mission is to optimize corporation’s IT service infrastructure to operate the fastest speed and highest efficiency.

July 2024
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